The Frey Vertex is the next level in performance. Maneuverability, height, strength and control is now within reach.
Take your day higher with the Frey Vertex series of High Reach Loaders.

Image of Dual Torque Tubes

Dual Torque Tubes

When greater torsional and lateral strength is
what you need, Frey’s Dual Torque Tubes will
deliver. They can handle even the toughest load
stresses without breaking a sweat.

Image of Soft Ride

Soft Ride (Optional)

The Vertex’s Optional Soft Ride dampens the
jarring impact and bouncing from heavy loads
for a smoother ride.

Image of Straightforward Self-Leveling

Straightforward Self-Leveling

Frey’s Straightforward Mechanical Self-Leveling
provides reliable, precise leveling throughout
the Vertex’s generous lift range.

Image of Third Function Feature

Third Function (Optional)

The optional 3rd function puts hydraulic power
up front so you can run attachments that
require power.